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“My priority is to have a patient-focused & lifestyle-friendly practice where communication is always open and timely and where problems are solved in the most expeditious, convenient and safest way possible… without compromising quality or introducing risk.” ~ Dr. Robert Nelson

cropped-middleman_cartoon_t600x427.jpgOur Vision

Our goal at Encompass Health Direct is to create a medical practice that restores and reclaims the way patients access routine physician services in the outpatient arena; one which allows the doctor and patient to engage directly in a meaningful exchange of value based on trust and respect without third party interference. The result will be lower outpatient costs, a higher level of service and better access for those previously reluctant to seek care due to lack of insurance coverage.

How We Do IT

We keep costs low and service high by NOT accepting any insurance payments or billing insurance.  no-middle-manEliminating the “middleman” decreases indirect expenses dramatically.  By removing the unnecessary expense & inflated prices associated with insurance Billing and contracting directly for lab services, we can lower the cost of care by about 40% !  By promising to never put an insurance company between you and your health care, we can offer direct-to-the customer services tailored to the individual needs of patients.  You will never get a bill for more than you pay at time of services!join-now-button