At Encompass Health Direct, We Know That Good Primary Medical Care Doesn’t Have to be Expensive!   


In order to determine the value of any service, the price must be known in advance and be an honest price, free of manipulation… which is very hard to come by in today’s insurance dominated billing due to complex coding, contractual rates and fictitious discounts. 

That is why we post all our prices clearly online & in the office.  There should never be a “wheel of misfortune” when it comes to knowing prices for routine healthcare!  And don’t believe those that tell you prices of healthcare can’t be known in advance!  We have proven that myth wrong!  dollar-under-magnifying-glass-1024x9101

By removing the unnecessary expense & inflated prices associated with insurance Billing and contracting directly for lab services, we can lower the cost of care by about 40% !

We Offer the following Routine medical services via affordable monthly membership plans… and you will never be billed for more than you pay at the time of services.  We NEVER send you any surprise bills!Pricing.3

  • Primary Care
  • Episodic Care of Acute Illness
  • Physicals
  • Blood Draws
  • Injections