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Stone-walling low-carb: DAA, APHA, and the Diet of Worms. | Richard David Feinman

If you aren’t familiar with Richard David Feinman’s work in energy metabolism, specifically as it pertains to carbohydrates and fats and preventing T2D, please check out his web blog @ He provides very interesting and compelling thoughts as it relates nutritional science.

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“Our Gutenberg is, of course, the internet where technical and scientific writings, once the province of specialists, can now be viewed by many and where they can be discussed widely. Publishers of many journals try to maintain pay-walls in keeping with somebody’s observation that publishers’ function used to be to make new information available while now they work to make information unavailable.  (Many simultaneously cash in on open access which charges the authors outrageous fees). Whether the availability of scientific facts is out-weighted by proliferation of alternative facts is open to question but, on balance, we have a view, not only of the science, but of the inner workings of the health agencies that might otherwise be visible to only a few. And that’s how we have extensive access to the Fettke case and an associated Diet convened by the Australian Senate.

As reported by Marika Sboros, Fettke “cannot…

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Dr. Bob Nelson speaks to the Palmetto Panel about importance of Healthcare Freedom in our Republic | THE SOVEREIGN PATIENT

Georgia Chapter Free Market Medical Association spokesperson, Dr. Bob Nelson, had the honor of addressing the 3rd annual Citizens in Action, Palmetto Panel held at Clemson University on February 25…

Source: Dr. Bob Nelson speaks to the Palmetto Panel about importance of Healthcare Freedom in our Republic | THE SOVEREIGN PATIENT

Drugs Don’t Cause Addiction: This Brilliant Animated Video Will Change Your View on Drugs Forever | The Unbounded Spirit

The brilliant short animated video below will explain to you why drugs don’t actually cause addiction in the way you might think, changing your view on drugs forever.

Source: Drugs Don’t Cause Addiction: This Brilliant Animated Video Will Change Your View on Drugs Forever | The Unbounded Spirit

A Path Towards a Viable Interstate Health Insurance Market | Robert Nelson, MD | Pulse | LinkedIn

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Alternatives to our current over-priced and dysfunctional health insurance market are often biased, and thus limited, by our current operational and regulatory structure. These structures are so entrenched in our healthcare psyche that it makes it difficult sometimes to set these aside in our minds while entertaining how another approach might work.

If we view all alternative plans to replace the Affordable Care Act from the vantage point of “what is”, then there is little room for anything other than attempts at further regulating the problems away. If one presupposes that the current regulatory framework remains unchanged, indeed the same framework has served to suppress the very market we wish create, then of course that market will not be created.

The dilemma facing alternative healthcare plans being considered to replace the ACA is particularly evident when it comes to the issue of selling health insurance across state lines. A brief on this…

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Docs vastly outperform computer algorithms in diagnostic accuracy

Nice study design from what I can tell from the synopsis on HDM. It was good that the authors used common symptom checker already available. I think this study tells us what lay persons and physicians already know… the grid through which fact are filtered is an important determinant in prioritizing meaningful information. Perspective and experience matters. Given the myriad of ways that humans experience and report symptoms, it will take sophisticated AI to mimic good medical decision-making.

Symptom websites, apps pale in comparison to diagnoses by physicians, says Ateev Mehrotra, MD.

Source: Docs vastly outperform computer algorithms in diagnostic accuracy

Challenging the Fructose Hypothesis: New Perspectives on Fructose Consumption and Metabolism

In considering the volume of contemporary literature on fructose, One conclusion stands clear: fructose is safe at typical intake levels but can produce adverse metabolic effects when abused—as is true of most nutrients.

It turns out that the largest abusers of fructose are not American consumers, but research scientists. For the adult population as a whole, dietary fructose exposure ranges from very low to <18% E. Over this range, recent meta- and NHANES analyses demonstrate no differential effects of fructose compared with other sugars on weight gain, blood pressure, uric acid, blood lipids, and hyperlipidemia;

Evidence is presented in this review that fructose has not disproportionately increased in the human diet (in fact, it has increased very little in the past 90 y) and that cause-and-effect evidence of adverse effects is lacking at typical human exposure levels and patterns. The fructose hypothesis must be continually challenged for human relevance.

We are amassing tremendous amounts of data gathered at great taxpayer expense that has proved to be of little value to public health policymakers.

Is it time for granting agencies and journal editors to require more physiologically relevant experimental designs and clinically important outcomes for fructose research? I think it is.


Source: Challenging the Fructose Hypothesis: New Perspectives on Fructose Consumption and Metabolism

Vitamin D: More Is Not Better

Have you been told you need more vitamin D? Healthcare practitioners are increasingly aware of the risks of low vitamin D levels, but many are not aware that high levels of vitamin D can have toxic effects. Read on to learn the risks of over-supplementation, what factors determine your optimal vitamin D level, and the many reasons to get sunlight exposure beyond just vitamin D.

Source: Vitamin D: More Is Not Better



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