Membership at Encompass Health Direct maximizes the value of your healthcare dollars with ultimate flexibility to fit a wide variety of situations & preferences.

The MVP (Most Valuable Patient) Membership is ONLY…

$55 per month per adult patient

(Children’s fee is $15 per month with adult membership)

  • What’s Included?
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    • Unlimited office visits with ZERO access fee and no co-pay!
    • No lab test fees on routine blood tests* 
    • 24/7 access to your doctor via text, email or phone for questions that can’t wait or issues that come up after hours
    • Dependents under age 18 can be added for $15 per dependent per month with a parent or legal guardian’s membership
    • Annual physical**

Perfect for those that utilize all services to the fullest including preventive measure and comprehensive annual physical, and who wish to know their costs ahead of time and lock them in

* Includes up to two blood panels per year to monitor chronic conditions

**Does not include  STD testing, antibody levels (immunization verification) for employment purposes, tissue biopsies, Cleveland HeartLab tests 

 ~see lab test prices for details~

Your Memberships Comes With These 10 Member Advantages & Privileges

  1. 24/7 access to YOUR personal doctor You will have my personal Cell Phone member.perksnumber for problems or issues that can’t wait:  I return all my own calls.  There is no call screener or answering service  (let’s try to keep the 2AM chats for emergencies only, shall we?) 
  2. Unlimited Office Visits included in your membership price and same-day appointments if booked early enough and always next day appointments available.
  3. Routine Blood Tests Included
  4. EVERYWHERE CARE:   You don’t always have to come to the office. Get the right care at the right time via the right communication tools such as email or secure text or phone or video conference.  About 35 – 40% of routine primary care problems can be handled remotely without a face-to-face encounter. I can’t always handle every problem… you are smart enough to realize that, but a big part of what you are paying for is my availability!
  5. Convenient monthly budgeting for routine healthcare needs is one less thing you have to worry about!  Regardless of your insurance, and especially if you don’t have traditional insurance, I can always be your doctor.
  6. Less trips to the Urgent Care or Pharmacy Clinic!  Medical advice from YOUR doctor is always just an email or secure text or Phone Call Away! Very few of routine problems really need to end up in the Urgent Care. Some may need to, but most don’t!  That is just a fact.  (Yes, it is appropriate to treat some things without laying on of hands in every situation.  Gushing blood or breathing problems being two exceptions I can think of off the top of my head).
  7. You and I are a TEAM!  Continuity and communication between visits is always maintained via Secure Texting, video conferences or old-fashion smartphones; this ensures better treatment outcomes, minimizes chance of miscommunication and cuts down on unnecessary complications and hassles. 
  8. Most of your routine primary health care needs are going to be met within the context of your direct primary care membership, without fear of surprise bills or mounting co-pays or out-of-network co-insurance expenses.
  9. NO SURPRISES BILLS IN THE MAIL!  NO Inusrance Co-Pays.  NO balance billing.  NO co-insurance bills!
  10. We will cooperate with your insurance where we can to help facilitate referrals or authorizations for special tests