logo_1864978_print (2)Encompass Health Direct is private medical practice providing primary care services via affordable monthly memberships instead of billing insurance.  We purposefully do not participate an any insurance networks, which enables us to provide medical care at significantly lower costs compared to a practice that has to bill insurance for revenue; and most importantly allows for more personal interactions & care plans tailored to the individual needs of patients.  

Watch this video about the advantages of Direct Primary Care

Encompass is a Direct-Pay Primary Care Practice…which means I work DIRECTLY FOR YOU, not as a billing agent for the insurance company!
Say goodbye to the unnecessary & expensive third-party in the exam room!
  • No Insurance Needed – we are gladly “network-free”
  • One Low Monthly Membership Fee Pays for Most of Your Primary Care Needs
    • Un-hurried Appointments
    • Next day & Often Same-day Appointments
    • 24/7 Email or Text Access for problems that can’t wait
  • No Claims to File
    • Affordable, transparent Fees
  • You Will NEVER Receive a Bill for More than You Pay at the Time of Services!

Offering A Broad Range of Treatment For Adult & Childhood illness or injury

Strep throat · Ear infections • Urinary Tract Infections  • Stitches  • Asthma treatments  •  Physicals  •  Blood tests  • Injections  •  STD screening  •  Second opinions

join-now-mdOver 20 Years of Primary & Urgent Medical Care Experience Offering Innovative Medical Services Including…
  • State-of-the-Art Cardiac Risk Assessment
  • Men’s Health
    • Hormone Analysis
  • Sports Medicine Issues
    • Uncomplicated Fracture Care
  • Skin Examinations and Biopsies